Coworkers of The Company

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There’s a lot of definition[s] when you speak about growth. But for me, GROWTH is when a person is not doing what he/she usually does anymore. When he/she is taking more tasks and complaining less. It is an expansion of one’s responsibility, perspective and effort – so I believe growth is being outside of one’s comfort zone ✨
It’s back! This is in continuation for our photoseries called ‘The Coworkers of The Company’ where we feature the wonderful people that populate and bring color to our poignant, creative space. These are their stories.
Geovani or ‘Bonn’ is an active member of The Company Cebu, IT Park. With his Bubbly personality contained in his reserved nature – Bonn likes to concentrate on work in their private office, but his radiant smile is present as he uses his perks by accessing the co-working areas, meeting rooms, and break out areas of The Company Cebu, IT Park.

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