XODE Blockchain Blazes a Trail for Cebu’s Tech Future: A Grand Launch Recap

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The Philippines witnessed a pivotal moment in its technological journey on June 19th, 2024, as the grand launch of XODE blockchain took center stage at the Nustar Resort & Casino in Cebu City. This groundbreaking event marked the arrival of the first Philippine blockchain built on the Polkadot ecosystem, signifying a new dawn for innovation and progress in the region.

The launch ceremony, brimming with excitement and anticipation, drew a diverse crowd eager to delve into the world of Web3. Cebu’s acting mayor, Hon. Raymond Garcia, graced the event with his presence, underscoring the significance of XODE for the city’s technological advancement. The program embarked on an engaging journey, guiding attendees through the evolution of the internet – from the read-only realm of Web1 to the interactive world of Web2, and finally, culminating in the revolutionary concept of Web3: the read, write, and own internet. This paradigm shift empowers individuals to take control of their data and carve their own digital destiny.

The impact of the XODE launch extends far beyond the celebratory atmosphere. Mr. Glenn Minerva, the co-founder of XODE, took the stage to demystify the functionalities of the XODE wallet. His insightful presentation detailed the robust security features and unparalleled accessibility that this user-friendly platform offers. This transparency is crucial in building trust and encouraging widespread adoption of blockchain technology.

XODE, the brainchild of passionate minds, emerged as a robust blockchain platform built with a unique on-chain governance system. This revolutionary platform aims to propel game development and businesses towards the frontiers of Web3 and the Polkadot ecosystem. To unlock the doors of this new digital landscape, the XODE team made the process incredibly accessible. Users can download the XODE wallet directly from the App Store or Play Store, allowing them to create a public address and secure their digital identity with a unique hash username.


The event served as an educational gateway to the wonders of Web3. Attendees learned about fungible and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) – digital assets that are revolutionizing ownership and value exchange within the blockchain ecosystem. These tokens, readily accessible within the XODE wallet, empower users to participate in an economy built on transparency and decentralization.

The XODE launch event wasn’t simply a product unveiling; it was a clarion call for Cebu and the Philippines to embrace the transformative power of blockchain. With XODE at the helm, the region positions itself as a frontrunner in the Web3 revolution. This groundbreaking platform empowers individuals and businesses to write their own success stories in the decentralized future. The future holds immense promise for Cebu’s tech landscape, and with XODE leading the way, the journey towards a brighter, more empowered digital future has well and truly begun.

The launch wasn’t just about technical advancements; it fostered a vibrant community atmosphere. The event organizers ensured a comfortable and engaging experience with an abundance of beer, cocktails, and delectable food. The diverse audience, comprising students, Cebu city government officials, members of the tech and startup community, and influential figures, created a dynamic environment for fostering connections and sparking conversations about the boundless potential of blockchain technology.

As the evening progressed, a sense of revelry filled the air. The grand finale featured a captivating performance by Missing Filemon, a renowned local band, infusing the night with energy and celebration. This electrifying closing act marked the culmination of a truly exceptional launch event.

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