ADVance Webinar: Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies

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A business’ success is contingent on the effectivity of it’s growth strategy. The most common and arguably, the most effective and efficient tools available for all business owners are the various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more. However, to effectively use these platforms, one has to have an effective social media marketing strategy. An effective social media marketing strategy will ensure that the business’ core goals are met- from hitting revenue targets, community building, and value generation.

According to The Content Factory, a social media campaign costs $4000-$7000 per month, and that the average social media budget is $200-$350 per day. Thus, creating an effective social media marketing strategy is expensive especially for those who do not have any idea how to craft one since it would require narrowing down the target market, and testing which content is valuable for the said target market. But if you work with an experienced ad agency, or have an uber-experienced marketing professional in your team, you would not have to waste money, and all your business goals are met because of your effective social media marketing strategy. This is what Augmen Digital has done for its clients since its inception. They have successfully created, and launched multiple social media campaigns for different brands all over the world. Along with 3 known master marketers: Charmaine de Leon, Ruben Licera, and Reinart Bacalso, they will be sharing their insights on how owners of small, medium enterprises can create effective social media marketing strategies through the ADVance Webinar. Join them on July 16, 2021 at 1PM. Register today for FREE to receive FREEBIES and join the RAFFLE during the event! Exciting prizes await! Head over to this website to register.

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