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SINE CEBU: Creating Spaces for Artistic Expression through Cebuano Short Films

By zerotenph August 14, 2023

Sine Cebu is a Cebuano short film screening event launched last August 5, 2023, from 1 PM to 5 PM. It was produced by The Company CEBU, organized by The Company CEBU interns. It was initially conceptualized as a relaxing movie night that The Company coworkers could easily access if they ever wanted to take a break from their work for a few minutes.

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Dedicated Desks in The Company Cebu Mandaue Branch

By zerotenph August 10, 2023

The Company Cebu offers two dedicated desk options:
Dedicated Desk 24/7: Shape your work around your schedule with 24/7 access to our vibrant coworking space for 30 days.
Dedicated Desk Lite: Embrace structure with a dedicated desk from 9 am to 7 pm on weekdays for 21 days.

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Artist-In-Residence Program at The Company Cebu

By zerotenph August 7, 2023

Calling all aspiring artists! Unleash your creative potential and embark on an extraordinary journey with our exclusive Artist-in-Residence program! Ignite your passion here at The Company Cebu and immerse yourself in a vibrant community of fellow artists, where ideas flourish, and inspiration knows no bounds. Experience firsthand the power of collaboration, as you connect with like-minded individuals who will push you to reach new artistic heights in our co-working space in Cebu. Don’t miss out on this unparalleled opportunity to elevate your artistry! Apply now and let your creativity shine ✨ #ArtistInResidence #ArtisticJourney #TheCompanyCebu

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The Coworkers of The Company | Chris Rowson

By zerotenph July 27, 2023

Our featured coworker, Chris Wayne Rowson, a British architectural designer with a passion for exploring new horizons. Chris’s story is one of transformation and growth, from his days in the United Kingdom to his current endeavors in Cebu. As a valuable addition to our community, he thrives in our dynamic co-working environment, where he can focus, network, and exchange ideas with fellow coworkers from diverse backgrounds.

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Tele Sales Executive, hello!

By Joanne Bolo June 16, 2023

Timber Central is seeking for a talented and enthusiastic Tele Sales Executive to join their dynamic sales team. In this …

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Workspace Solutions

By Joy Garingo May 29, 2023

Expand smart with The Company Cebu: Accommodating staff, multi-location access, cost-effective co-working options, including hot desks, dedicated desks, and build-to-suit workspaces in Cebu and Mandaue.

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