Celebrating Women’s History Month with the Little Women Movie Night

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In celebration of Women’s History Month, The Company Cebu hosted a movie night featuring Little Women last March 22, 2024 in their IT Park branch.

The gathering was filled with members from The Company Cebu along with enthusiasts of Little Women. Pleasant conversations and interactions were made over a delectable dinner: cheesy lasagna and toasted garlic bread by Johanna Cooks, a local food business that specializes in catering homecooked pasta and meals. But the meal was not the only thing that the attendees feasted upon! Fresh and dried flowers garnered the walls and tables, creating a floral scenery of magic that immediately captivated its viewers. The lovely dried flowers – supplied by a local floral shop, Lyly Home – most certainly stole the show with its vintage, rustic looks.

As warm lights coated the room in amber, immersing the room in a gentle kind of warmth, the attendees could straight away feel that this was an evening for leisure and the enjoyment of a good film with even better company.

The program consisted of having a light dinner, viewing the classic film, and then playing a trivia game afterwards with questions that related to Little Women. It was an interesting and hilarious experience to see how competitive people could get for the PHP 5,000 cash prize! Once the program came to a close, the people were free to linger and mingle with one another, embracing the familiar “networking culture” that The Company Cebu takes great pride in.

At The Company Cebu, we provide a space where people can hustle hard and also have fun. We know how important it is to unwind after a long week of work. Through our movie nights and mixers, we remind our members that community means everything to us.

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