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Just Before We Met

An adventurer by heart and a workaholic by practice, Miss Cheryl Jane Ratunil or Cheryl had an entirely different way of life prior to entering the year 2020, having a new phase in her career and allowing The Company Cebu to be a huge part of it; but before all that, Cheryl has traveled around Asia, and was no stranger to new people, places, and cultures. After graduating to her second course of accountancy at the University of Canberra, Cheryl made it certain that this time, the course of her life will also have a new beginning. Since being a part of Beanstalk Accountants in 2017, she took full advantage of their whole system database being entirely digitized and of the perks of working remotely.

During December of 2019, slowly and somewhat emphatically, the signs of change unveiled themselves; Cheryl was tasked to look for bookkeepers and a coworking space in Cebu, a city she has a natural connection and admiration for as someone originally from Mindanao. Solely basing out of research on the Internet, Cheryl only had better knowledge of coworking spaces through site visits. Impressed with her first option, disappointed with her second option, and happy with her last – with The Company Cebu. Little did Cheryl know that at the end of her assigned task was the start of something much bigger, and even more challenging. Of challenges, she quipped, “Challenges are good, they keep you on your toes.” 

A Gut Feeling

A supposed great fresh start although ruined by the worlds’ trajectory towards the abysmal depths of emotional and mental stress caused by the COVID-19 pandemic – that is how Cheryl describes the three months of total lockdown in 2020, but in this same year, she recollects the first year being with The Company Cebu in a vastly different way. Lacking a strong criteria for coworking space standards, Cheryl stepped into every option she had with a blank slate and an open mind. However, the final decision was seemingly not a difficult task; Cheryl did not appreciate a very stiff and formal staff, or a beautiful and vibrant location yet established a bad first impression on the scheduled ocular visit – Cheryl sought for progressive and genuine relationships, and a reasonable price tag. “It was a gut feeling”, those are the words that best expresses her final decision: to be with The Company Cebu. The year 2020 was an eventful year for various reasons, but being in The Company Cebu gave Cheryl reassurance.

Willing to Wait

There was a surplus of surprises during the year of 2020, and the following year of 2021 retained the same number of stocks. This was all due to the overwhelming legal issues with the previous location of The Company Cebu. It was a dreadful and difficult time which ultimately gave a temporary strain in the Beanstalk Accountants and The Company Cebu’s relationship. Without getting into too much detail in this rather terrible memory, Cheryl emphasizes that it was the ‘going back and forth’ to the supposed ‘final’ locations of their private office that made it really stressful. On the verge of crying, and the CEO of the company contacting Cheryl for any decisions on the possible termination of this relationship, Cheryl just wanted to wait. More than four more conversations had transpired about the same topic of termination, however Cheryl just wanted to keep waiting. Was it trust? Was it belief? Cheryl is not so sure herself. But the communication was always there; the transparency and affable nature of The Company Cebu shined all throughout those difficult times.

These changes and tribulations made Cheryl grasp tighter to genuine relationships, and for family relationships. Maybe it was to mirror the fact that the pandemic gave the biggest reminder to us all, that we all need to spend enough time with loved ones. Priorities were rearranged, and work-life balance had very clear lines – Cheryl only thought of what mattered, what gave her hope, and The Company Cebu was there the whole time.

Here To Help

Being an accountant means being good with all things relating to numbers, and the job description did not necessarily or specifically name being able to hire new members of the company – Cheryl, having just been promoted, was assigned to carefully and gradually expand the Cebu team. But how do I get the right people? How do I get the right documents? What Philippine laws are involved? Cheryl did not know where or how to start; thankfully, The Company Cebu has the best pair of ears and hands – assistance was just around the corner, and all those general confusions were answered, guided, and set at ease. “The environment they were trying to build gravitated to the right people to hire, so I knew I could trust their judgment”, Cheryl said pertaining to the talent acquisition process that The Company Cebu assisted them on. The right advice can go a long way in terms of application, and oftentimes the value of the advice is what nourishes our relationships; if we know when to listen and what to respond, we discover who thinks of us with attentiveness and safe keeping.

All Good Apples

Occasionally, in a team of varied backgrounds and upbringings, a seasoned employer is going to expect one or a few bad apples in a team. These bad apples typically are distinguishable by outside or external voices; in Cheryl’s case and observation as a long-term member, there is not a single bad apple in The Company Cebu team. It is arguably either overlooked or largely accepted that some employees arrive and holistically test what makes a company float, that a team can be inevitably created with opposing constituents rather than just fitting and finding the most compatible employee. As someone who greatly appreciates transparent and consistent communication, Cheryl has found it unique within the The Company Cebu team that this standard of practice of communication and decorum is present amongst all the staff members. Once you have a manager that passionately bares and reinforces what a company’s philosophy and overall culture is, it speaks for itself and exhibits itself no matter how it happens.

To More Numbers to Crunch

Good things truly come to those who wait, but better things are in store for those who strive and pursue it; Cheryl has experienced some of the biggest ups and downs with being a long-term client for The Company Cebu. The ingredients to this fruitful and strong relationship are quite simple: transparent communication, consistent professionalism, and also, knowing when to turn-off the corporate agendas – see each other eye to eye, like friends would do. Moreover, our holistic and genuine growth with partners or clients could also mean taking risks, leaps of faith, and a lot of trust; bridging all these together may not secure our means of success, it just puts any of us on the right path, and besides, you don’t always need to do it by yourself – progress can be made together.


A coworking space that shapes and reinforces your desired comfort, goals, and needs – that is exactly what you will expect and what you will get with us here at The Company Cebu.

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