The Dedicated Member, Enzo

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Enzo Tan has been working with the HR department since he graduated college in 2017. He has worked with many different companies and yet he has climbed the ranks as an HR employee ever since. He loves camping and enjoys being outside in nature as this is his best stress reliever.

 Enzo has been working with The Company Cebu since October of 2021. He was greeted by the accommodating staff on his first site visit and decided to take a dedicated desk along with his workmates from Vananaz, a Japanese I.T. company. Enzo is currently the HR Supervisor of Vananaz and has a few side jobs..


The Story of Enzo Tan

Enzo is 25 years old and a proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community. He has worked in the University of Cebu as an HR Associate and proceeded to Mynimo as an HR Staff then a Team Leader to finally becoming a supervisor. Afterwards, he was hired by Vananaz as an HR supervisor and has worked with them ever since. Enzo is studying law for two years now, has a car trading business, and is an HR and legal advisor on the side.


The Challenge of Vananaz in Finding a Co-working Space

Vananaz had an office located in Urgello, Cebu but because of the pandemic, its employees had to do remote work. Vananaz then decided to move out from the office because they were paying rent with only a minimum number of people using the office.  Because of this, they began to find co-working spaces for the few employees who want to work in an office space when the pandemic had slowed down in the latter parts of 2021. Enzo then found out about The Company after researching about co-working spaces in Cebu.


Why Enzo Chose The Company

Enzo was greeted by the Community Executive Manager on his first site visit at the IT Park branch of The Company. He loved the office space and the view of the mountains. While he had considered a few co-working spaces, he ultimately decided to work with The Company because of the very accommodating staff and the reasonable rates that they had offered him. Enzo and his workmates preferred to work in the co-working space rather than renting a private office with The Company because it is cost efficient and is more comfortable for them.


How The Company Responded 

The Company has always been flexible in many ways and Enzo, along with his workmates had many requests like the arrangements of the desks and priority over the mountain view to which The Company has always delivered. Enzo felt very welcomed in the space and has made good memories with The Company. The managers and staff of The Company have now become very good friends with Enzo and they often hang out after work hours when they have the luxury of free time.


The Results

Enzo always highlighted the staff whenever he talks about The Company. But it’s not just the staff that he appreciates but he also feels very comfortable at his desk whenever he works, and he loves the co-working space in general because he gets  to interact with other people who work in different types of fields. Although he has a dedicated desk, he loves to sit down at the huddle area where the bean bags are from time to time while sipping on his coffee and focusing on work. He is also accessing the space at night and sometimes on the weekends because of his other jobs and law school.



The ambient environment surrounding The Company Cebu creates a wonderful energy around the members which allows them to be more productive in their work and create connections and friendships that could potentially change the trajectory of their lives in a positive manner. You too can enjoy the company of other people while enjoying the hustle and grind through our shared working spaces. Although work can be a little bit stressful, being a member of the Company Cebu can be a breath of fresh air for you. The co-working setting can bring out the social butterfly in you and at the same time inspire you to work as hard as Enzo. 



The Company Cebu offers co-working spaces where you can have UNLIMITED  coffee, tea and water, access to phone booths as well as meeting rooms, connections with other co-workers and HIGH-SPEED INTERNET. If you would like to know more, email us at or call us at  09951040499. You can also ping us at Facebook and Instagram

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