24/7 Dedicated Desks at The Company Co-working Space in Cebu

The Company: Co-working Space in Cebu with 24/7 Access Dedicated Desk

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Places, where you can connect to super-fast internet and enjoy a great working atmosphere, are hard to come by in Cebu these days. Cafes are obviously expensive and counterproductive alternatives for those who would like to focus and finish their tasks on time. For 400 pesos, one can enjoy 1 or 2 cups of coffee, a small meal, and a measly internet connection. Come to think of it, cafes are not built for those who’d like to work and focus. Rather, cafes were designed for people to enjoy great coffee and good company.

The best alternative for those who work long hours and need uber-fast internet are not coffee shops but, a co-working space in Cebu.

Co-working spaces are specifically designed for the modern-day hustlers. Fast internet is a given perk in most co-working spaces because it greatly increases productivity. People get more things done if they’re connected to reliable internet. Most co-working spaces also offer free-flowing drinks and pantry options for their members. Yet the most valuable perk one can get from a co-working space is access to a vibrant and thriving community and only quite a few co-working spaces in Cebu offer their members this.

If you are looking for the best(and most cost-effective) co-working seat plan among all co-working spaces in Cebu, then you might want to read on and find out what The Company Cebu can offer you.

There are a variety of seat plans you can choose from when you want to work at The Company’s co-working space: hot desk, dedicated desk, private offices, and executive suites. Each is a solution for every professional’s workspace needs.

But for those who need to work beyond regular office hours, the hot desk is not a viable option. The more suitable plans are those that come with a 24/7 access pass: the Dedicated Desk, or if there are more than 4 people, a Private Office or an Executive Suite.

Getting a Dedicated Desk means you will enjoy ALL the regular perks of getting a Hot Desk:

  • free-flowing coffee, tea & water
  • unlimited phone booth access
  • connectivity to business-grade fiber internet
  • access to the co-working space and pantry.

However, unlike Hot Desk members, those who get a Dedicated Desk plan will get their own locker and a dedicated spot in the co-working area. Members will also get the following perks and more:

This seat plan is perfect for those who need a permanent workspace that they can access anytime they like. Freelancers and creatives can set up their workstations in their respective desks permanently. Security is also assured since there are security personnel and CCTV monitoring the space round the clock. Want more information about our 24/7 access co-working space plans? Talk to us today via Messenger.

For teams of 4-22 who need a permanent or semi-permanent workspace, our office solutions will give you ample room to collaborate, exclusively. Members with offices enjoy all the perks we have yet to offer and more. To find out more about the offices, reach out to us by completing this form or go here.


About The Company Cebu:

The Company is a co-working community that offers flexible, vibrant & ergonomic workspaces and office solutions for AWESOME + EXCEPTIONAL creators and creatives and their communities and companies all over the world.

Members can opt to work in our co-working spaces or simply rent a private office to concentrate. Unlike most serviced office providers, you can choose to stay for a month or two without the hassle of signing up for a 12-month contract and paying a hefty security deposit fee once you sign up for a membership.

We incubate businesses, help increase their business opportunities, and expand their market through our special service called Connected by The Company. This fresh approach to work lets us connect, create, and not merely survive but live and thrive!