COVID19-FREE WORKSPACE at The Company Cebu

In light of COVID19 threatening the health and welfare of our workforce and members, we have made revisions and have added new rules and regulations that all members and employees should follow. All the rules we have set are in compliance with the Department of Labor and Employment, Department of Trade and Industry, World Health Organization and the Department of Health’s recommendations and guidelines.

In order to successfully move forward, it is of everyone’s best interest to uphold the new rules so that both our workspaces, The Company IT Park & The Company Mandaue, will remain COVID19-FREE. Violations of the rules will result in huge penalties that will be disclosed by the management.


  1. Only those who have completed the necessary forms can enter the space 2 days prior to the completion of the form unless permitted by The Company’s staff. This is the form for the walk-insvisitors, & members.
  2. Our terms & conditions will be followed.
  3. We will be requiring everyone entering the space to wear prescribed face masks at all times, especially upon entry of the building. 
  4. Building administrators will be checking the temperatures of everyone entering the building and will require each to complete their health declaration form.
  5. Members with even a mild cough or low-grade fever (37.3 C or more) will not be allowed to enter the space and will be asked to stay at home.
  6. Those who exhibit symptoms and will not follow protocol, will be asked to leave the space.


  1. Everyone using the activity areas such as the meeting rooms and event space must complete the following forms at least 2 days before entering the space unless permitted by admin:
    • Person in charge must complete this form.
    • All attendees of the event must complete this form.
  2. Failure to complete the form will result in a penalty of 8,000 pesos per unregistered visitor.


  1. Everyone must follow social distancing protocols, and social distancing markers found in the spaces.
  2. Proper cough or sneeze etiquette must be followed even if you’re wearing a mask. Make sure that droplets won’t spread whenever you cough or sneeze.


  1. Everyone is expected to bring alcohol and/or sanitizers.
  2. Everyone must practice thorough hand washing.
  3. Everyone must sanitize their hands before entering the space.
  4. Sanitation stations will be made available all around the space. These stations are not meant to be refilling stations.
  5. Should you choose to transfer to a different desk or leave, kindly wipe the spot you occupied with the disinfectant solution we’ve provided per table.
  6. After using the phone booth, make sure to follow the cleaning protocol:
    • Wipe all surfaces you touched with the disinfectant solution we’ve provided. This includes the table and chair.
    • After wiping, step out of the booth and spray the whole phone booth using the disinfectant spray provided.
  7. Before using the meeting room, make sure to follow the cleaning protocol:
    • Spray the whole room using the disinfectant spray provided.
    • Before leaving, wipe all surfaces you touched with the disinfectant solution we’ve provided. This includes the table and chair.


  1. We will be asking office tenants to provide their employees with a disinfectant spray and to use it regularly.
  2. Keep using masks at all times, even if you are in the vicinity of your office.


  • Regular business hours will be from 9AM-7PM.
  • If you need us to print a file, send your file to We will send you an email as soon as we’re done printing the file so that you can go to the reception area to claim it. We will also do the same once we’re done scanning your file for you.
  • Please review all our terms & conditions here: 
  • We will not be holding events or large gatherings within the space until the Philippine government deems it to be safe and legal.



  1. Once someone starts coughing or exhibiting symptoms, they will be immediately asked to leave the space. The building’s administrators will be alerted before they leave.
  2. In cases of anyone contracting COVID-19, we will immediately schedule disinfection of the space.