Earth Things Trivia Night: A Night of Fun and Fierce Competition

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The Battle Begins: Four Teams Enter the Fray
Last April 29, Monday, the Earth Things Trivia Night commenced with four eager teams: VTSA Group A, VTSA Group B, TCC Team, and Travel Team. With the grand prize of nine thousand pesos on the line, the atmosphere was brimming with excitement as participants geared up for the challenge.

Rounds of Rivalry: Eliminations and Triumphs
The competition heated up quickly in round one, featuring an easy category. Unfortunately, VTSA Group B was the first to go and say their goodbyes. Unfazed, the remaining teams pressed on to round two, where the difficulty level increased to a moderate category.
The games intensified as teams fought (in a friendly manner) for supremacy, each group trying to secure their place in the final round. The TCC Team showcased their knowledge and speed, emerging victorious in round two and earning their shot at the ultimate prize.

The Final Showdown: A Thrilling Conclusion
As the night drew to a close, all eyes were on the final round. Despite their valiant efforts, the TCC Team fell short taking the sweet victory in the last challenge. However, their participation raised the stakes for the next month’s trivia night, with the winning prize now boosted to eleven thousand pesos.

Conclusion: A Night to Remember
The Earth Things Trivia Night was not just about competition; it was a celebration of camaraderie and intellect. As we eagerly anticipate future events, The Company Cebu Mandaue invites all trivia enthusiasts to join the fun and excitement. Who knows? You could be the next champion to claim the grand prize for yourself.

Stay tuned for updates on upcoming trivia nights and prepare to test your knowledge against the best. The thrill of victory awaits!

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