The Importance of Flexible Workspaces to Companies Post-COVID19

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Without a doubt, one of the industries that will be affected by this unprecedented global pandemic would be coworking and office real estate. As we traverse these uncertain times, whether the reason is cost efficiency, flexible workplace, or a support network, there is one certainty; coworking can be part of the new normal.


The notion of downscaling massive operations is at the forefront of office structure policies as the response to COVID19 set out by big conglomerates typically aggressive with office space expansion. It is almost a guarantee that the economic implications will create a shift in need for more flexible workspaces in Cebu, and will increase as small and medium enterprises(SMEs) will also start to seek out alternatives for the traditional office setup opting for office rentals that are dynamic and more fluid. The Company Cebu has been supplying the demand for flexible workspaces catered to startups and remote workers. The ease of flexibility, availability of both short-term and long-term leases, and relaxed working environments account for the popularity of co-working spaces in Cebu. Coworking spaces are local economic engines in their own right. Now more than ever, companies should reconsider the current setup they provide for their workers and readily adapt to the changes post-COVID19 will bring.


Treating COVID19 has since proved to be just as deadly as the disease itself. With the economy subdued, unemployment rates have soared across the board. World leaders are racing against the clock to contain the deadly virus from spreading. For months now, governments seem to have a balancing act between healthcare and the economy. Stay-at-home orders have been implemented across several countries, including the Philippines. In Cebu, the local government unit released an executive order essentially placing Central Visayas under community quarantine. Rendering major industries at a halt, work-at-home schemes and remote working are at an all-time rise.


As a textbook example: ground zero of the outbreak—Wuhan, China—the then called novel coronavirus (NCOV) forced all operations to a stop for 11 weeks. After easing restrictions, China has since revived production up to 94%. This is a promising statistic that could predict how economies will weather the storm once health concerns are addressed. With all these variables at play, what will this mean for companies after restrictions are eased in the Philippines and particularly, in Cebu?


The new normal would be stringent measures at social distancing and sanitation. It would take years to develop a vaccine, given that researchers across the world are still at various stages of development, there must be assurance that the cure is without adverse consequences. Until the cure arrives, the social strata is now pressured to take up the responsibility to keep the infection at a minimum without killing the economy. Wherever or whatever it is that unites a sizable number of people is a top contender for irreversible disturbance and enduring damage. Common work areas and office space, which expect individuals to venture out from home, could lose their charm temporarily but it certainly beats the alternative, the conventional office space setup is riddled with pitfalls a small company might not afford. Terms in long-term leases could be the very reason some companies cannot get out of paying exorbitant premiums at a loss, and effectively work against recovery post-COVID19. Flexible options provided by coworking spaces fixes that fatal mistake.


With the pandemic leaving people no choice, numerous individuals are simply getting settled with remote working because it fits their schedules and leaves a wide range of approaches to make work-life balance smooth. That could mean more and more employers and businesses could become accustomed with it. Yet, that doesn't mean every one of those remote workers will work at home until the end of time. Following a few months of lockdown and working at home, a huge chunk will opt to work from elsewhere, anyplace else but at home. That is where coworking spaces enter the picture. Should companies start looking for an office for rent in Cebu to place remote staff, it is readily available. And should companies look for an office for rent in Cebu that is far from congested, monitors sanitation on the regular, and could offer local connectivity, The Company Cebu has a branch in Cebu City and Mandaue.


Coworking spaces foster relationships among locals and their clients. Similarly as significant as economic development is the network backbone—and that will be fundamentally significant for recuperation and revival. As we move into a present characterized by some ever-pressing degree of social distancing, commune ties could weaken. Business visionaries, entrepreneurs, and freelancers will require social communities and local linkages like never before to recapture balance. We observe some level of networks lifting up their community organizations through collaborations and different means of help. That is an incredible sign; ideally, it should endure.


At the point when lockdowns end, be that as it may, it will not resemble a mere flipping of the switch. A few businesses won't be able to bounce back; some entrepreneurial endeavors will remain unrealized. Network quality will be necessary in helping individuals and companies re-connect, form new partnerships and relationships, and bolster one another. That is the beauty of coworking spaces: they're networking hubs, necessary for connecting local and global that will be a vital element in regaining our bearings back from the health and economic crisis we are facing.

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