How We Are Moving Forward As a Co-working Space in Cebu

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The first quarter of the year 2020 has passed and within that quarter, we have all been hit by a pandemic. When it hit, no one was prepared enough even if a lot of experts, organizations, and even Bill Gates had already predicted that it would happen "in the near future". Now is the "near future" and from the bottom feeders to the most powerful economies, no one and nothing was able to steer clear from the damages it brought. The only thing that matters to everyone now is to find a way out and the only way out is through. 

Since the outbreak, governments have been scrambling to identify effective measures to contain the virus while making sure that the economy is not gravely affected by such measures.  Schools have been asked to revisit the concept of how COVID19-free learning environments should look like. More organizations have been going digital and setting up work from home protocols. Companies whether big or small had to either lay off a portion of their workforce or risk bankruptcy. Business owners have been trying to pivot and cut costs wherever they can.

For most, there really is no choice but to adapt and survive for the sake of every stakeholder. Everyone has to move forward and we, at The Company Cebu, would like to share how we are moving forward.

What matters most to us right now is to make sure we continue operating both our co-working spaces in Cebu and Mandaue without risking our team and community's health, safety, and security. This means that we will be following the recommendations, and protocols set forth by the Philippine government, World Health Organization, and other governing authorities.

Our operations will officially resume as soon as the local governments of Mandaue and Cebu City enforce a General Community Quarantine.

Those who wish to access our co-working spaces and offices are required to set an appointment two days prior to their visit. Only those who have been pre-approved by our community staff will be allowed to drop by. To schedule an appointment, go here.

Before entering the building and the offices, body temperatures will be checked. Those with 37.6°C temperatures, and/or experiencing flu-like symptoms will be denied access. Face masks must be worn at all times. Sanitation areas, and disinfectant kits will be made available all throughout the space.

Teams operating in both spaces will be asked to reconsider their members’ commute and to utilize online meeting rooms to reduce physical contact. We would not be able to host offline events within our co-working spaces in Cebu, until the government deems it legal. This includes hackathons, game nights, mixers, forums and the like. We will be adhering to the prescribed social distancing protocols, heighten cleaning and sanitation processes, and encourage frequent handwashing.

A lot of things will change, for sure and we are sure that we can all get through this together only if we do what is best for our community and ourselves.

The Company Cebu has been operating for more than 2 years and we are honored to have served and collaborated with Cebu's tech-, startup-, business-,  creative communities. Not being able to host offline events will not keep us from serving and collaborating with our community partners. We will continue to bring value by continuously empowering each through online events, cross-platform promotions, and connecting them to our network.

We will also continue to help our members thrive by closely working with each and address their needs when it comes to scaling both their sales and manpower through our program called Connected by The Company. There has never been a more perfect time to collaborate and work together than now.

A crisis of this magnitude truly brings clarity as to what governments, companies, families, and individuals value and only a crisis of this magnitude can also give us the opportunity to take a step back for a moment and reevaluate the impact we have made thus far. It is only after the awareness of our impact that we recognize what should be of great value to us and only then  can we make significant changes in how we choose to move forward.

We value people, collaborative spaces, and communities thus all our efforts moving forward will solely be focused on those. We look forward to seeing you in our space, soon. Take care.

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