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Human Resource Management: The Heartbeat of Your Business

By Joy Garingo December 17, 2023

Human Resource Management (HRM) isn’t just a department within an organization; it’s the pulse, the very rhythm that ensures the seamless interaction of people and processes. From the annals of ancient civilizations to the complexities of today’s corporate world, HRM has embarked on a transformative journey, evolving with each challenge it encountered. In this profound exploration, we will delve deep into the intricacies of HRM – from its foundational management and operative functions to its historical origins, confronting the challenges faced by today’s HR professionals, and exploring the critical roles of organization design and workforce planning.

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DevFest Cebu 2023 Recap: Tech Highlights and Future Visions

By Christine Diano December 14, 2023

In the rapidly evolving tech landscape, DevFest Cebu 2023 emerged as a pivotal hub for knowledge-sharing and collaboration within the global developer community. Organized by Google Developer Groups (GDG), this community-led event, held at the Michael Richartz Building of the University of San Carlos, Talamban Campus on December 3, showcased the dynamic nature of software development.

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Unlocking Insights at RISE 7 Central Visayas: Shaping Our Future in Tech

By Naomi Numaguchi December 14, 2023

Unlocking Insights at RISE 7 Central Visayas: Shaping Our Future in Tech 🚀

The Company Cebu enthusiastically participated in the groundbreaking RISE 7 Central Visayas event, gaining invaluable insights from industry leaders. Excited to share transformative perspectives on technology’s role in community development.

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Visayas Art Fair: Through the Canvases of Local Talents

By Christine Diano December 13, 2023

Our recent exploration of a Cebu art exhibition revealed narratives within each canvas. From Fernando Kabigting’s living legacy to Michael Dondoyano’s transformative journey and Christian Regis’ vibrant reinterpretation of the ordinary, each artist left an indelible mark. Isah Rodillo’s fusion of science and art and Gallery Down South’s mentorship programs added depth to the visual spectacle. This wasn’t just an exhibition; it was a walk among living stories, a celebration of the artists who shared fragments of their hearts on canvas.

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Unveiling Gemini: Google’s Leap into the AI Future

By Joy Garingo December 11, 2023

Explore the groundbreaking Google Gemini AI model, a game-changer in co-working spaces. With its multimodal capabilities, including video and audio comprehension, Gemini promises enhanced collaboration, efficiency, and a tech-driven future in Cebu’s co-working landscape.

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Sole Proprietorship in the Philippines

Sole Proprietorship in the Philippines

By Joy Garingo December 6, 2023

Sole proprietorship is a simple and affordable business structure in the Philippines, offering full control and profit retention. However, it comes with personal liability, limited capital, and finite existence. To register, you need to get a business name registration, barangay clearance, mayor’s permit, BIR registration, SSS and PhilHealth registration, and ECC registration if hiring employees. Weigh the pros and cons carefully and consult with professionals before making a decision.

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