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You don’t have to call it a comeback, we’ve always been here! But this time around, we’re going to give you so much more. We will see a side to co-working that you’ve never seen before! 

Welcome to The Coworkers of The Company where we feature the exceptional professionals who are getting things done in our cozy co-working space and serviced offices. What kind of coworkers are staying in The Company?

In this rebooted blog series from The Company, we will take you on a deep dive into the professional lives, routines, personalities, and experiences of our fellow coworkers during their time here at The Company CEBU. Let us meet our first featured coworker!

The Coworker: Chris Wayne Rowson

Chris Wayne Rowson is a British architectural designer originally from Yorkshire, United Kingdom (UK). He graduated from university with a business degree. After his year-long trip to Australia and New Zealand, he decided to switch careers and study again. He went back to the UK to take an architectural drafting and AutoCAD course. From there, he got his first job at a CAD office where he prepared 2D drawings of floor plans, building plans, and construction documents. With his gained experience, he moved to New Zealand continuing his work as an architectural designer for various building companies.

He joined The Company CEBU as one of our coworkers in our I.T. Park branch just this year. After a month in his former desk setup, Chris moved here at The Company CEBU after discovering us via Google search. As of writing, it is his second month working here at The Company CEBU. He has worked here for over a month and recently renewed his contract. You could either see him immersed in his tasks and online meetings at his dedicated desk in the co-working space, taking important calls at the phone booth, or showing his outgoing personality with the staff at the front desk. He enthusiastically shared: 

“This space has been great for me because I can get out of the house and focus. It’s a nice space.”

The Coworking Experience At The Company

On a typical day at The Company CEBU, Chris goes to the coworking space around 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM. The first thing he does when he arrives in the coworking space is grab a cup of filtered coffee, as provided by The Company. He switches the computer on to check his emails and list things that needs to be done within the day. Afterwards, he gets started with his main line of work; in his spare time, he goes out for lunch and shopping. And when he has the time to, he would cook himself a meal in the morning and opt to bring his lunch to the space. 

For the highlight of his coworking experience, Chris expressed that it was a personal achievement that he was able to meet good people in the space who helped him settle in Cebu. It was the biggest thing for him to feel more at home in the Philippines. A particular meeting that stuck with him was when he met up with an Australian coworker, Paul. Chris detailed that he was able to get some tips about social media marketing and web development from him. It was a huge deal for him to have had the opportunity to network and make connections.

Ever since Chris started working at The Company CEBU, he was able to overcome his back problems with the comfortable ergonomic chair that caters to his natural stature. He was very particular about his working setup because if he did not have a quality workspace, it would most likely impede his work since he would lose his concentration, limiting his capacity to get work done. He has also mingled with coworkers from various backgrounds such as fellow Englishmen, Australian, Irish, Dutch, and Filipino coworkers.


A comfortable chair makes all the difference when you are working. A comfortable working chair can motivate you to work longer and boost productivity levels.

Keeping Up With The Coworker

Nowadays, Chris is preparing to professionally transition to a freelance career. With the renewed contract of his dedicated desk, he spends each day at the coworking space finishing his ongoing tasks, upskilling, and resumé building. He is also polishing his CV and portfolio for future endeavors. With a lot of downtime in between projects, he’s currently taking online courses on software usage, negotiation skills, and prospecting. 

After working hours or during his free time, he plays billiards at a couple of sports bars near the IT Park. For now, he is hoping to join one of the upcoming events organized by The Company CEBU interns, the exclusive The Company Cebu mixer, which Chris personally suggested to the staff. After his working stint in the Philippines, he plans to head over to Australia soon to look for full-time employment.



Be a part of our international coworking community around the globe! Here at The Company CEBU, you can network with inspiring people like Chris while you discover the best version of yourself. Contact us now and book our competitive offers. See you on our next coworker feature!

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