Unlocking the World of Work through The Company’s Locations: Your Passport to Custom, Flexible, and Multilocation Success

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Welcome to The Company, a global haven where the conventional constraints of work dissolve, and your workspace becomes a canvas for innovation. Nestled in the vibrant streets of Fukuoka, the tranquil landscapes of Hawaii, the rich tapestry of Hanoi’s cultural scene, the sunlit shores of Cebu, and the pulsating energy of Tokyo, our co-working spaces transcend geographic boundaries, uniting professionals in a shared pursuit of success. Embark on a transformative journey with us, where community, collaboration, flexibility, efficiency, and cost-effectivity form the pillars of a new work paradigm.

At The Company, our commitment extends beyond providing shared office spaces – we are dedicated to cultivating dynamic communities that foster collaboration, innovation, and professional growth. Picture this: a software developer in Cebu City seamlessly collaborating with a graphic designer from Tokyo on a groundbreaking project. Their combined skills not only enhance the quality of their work but also open doors to exciting opportunities within the global tech market.

Our community events, ranging from networking mixers to collaborative workshops, serve as invaluable platforms for forging connections that transcend mere professional relationships. These gatherings lay the groundwork for enduring friendships and potential business partnerships, creating an environment where like-minded individuals converge to share ideas and insights.

Within the walls of our co-working spaces, collaboration becomes more than a concept – it is a catalyst for innovation. For instance, consider a freelance content creator based in Hawaii collaborating with a marketing strategist from Cebu to launch a campaign promoting sustainable tourism. This cross-cultural collaboration not only amplifies their impact but also exemplifies the transformative power of diverse perspectives.

Embracing a global network, The Company offers members unparalleled flexibility in choosing where and how they work. This flexibility empowers professionals to tailor their work environments to their unique preferences, promoting a work-life balance that adapts seamlessly to their needs.

Take, for instance, an entrepreneur from Cebu attending a business conference in Tokyo. Leveraging the flexibility inherent in The Company’s locations, they seamlessly blend work and travel, enhancing both productivity and the potential for international client engagement.

Joining The Company transcends the mere selection of a workspace; it signifies a strategic business decision. In Cebu, professionals not only invest in premium amenities but also unlock a level of cost-effectivity aligned with their budgetary goals. Our flexible plans, coupled with the ability to access any location worldwide, ensure that members receive exceptional value for their investment, creating a robust foundation for sustainable growth. We believe in empowering professionals to transcend the conventional boundaries of work, enabling them to thrive in a collaborative, innovative, and globally connected community.

At the heart of our ecosystem are three main structures, each designed to cater to diverse needs and forge connections that transcend traditional workspaces:

1. Directly Managed Co-Working Spaces: Tailored Excellence

In our Directly Managed Co-Working Spaces, every detail is crafted with precision. From the ergonomic furniture to the ambiance, these spaces are designed, created, operated, and managed by The Company. Whether you’re in the heart of Tokyo or soaking in the cultural richness of Hanoi, our directly managed spaces provide an environment where your work can flourish amidst the thoughtful curation of our team.

These are the co-working spaces that The Company is directly managing:

  • Mandaue City, Philippines: The Company Cebu Mandaue
  • Cebu City, Philippines: The Company Cebu IT Park – Mabuhay Tower 6F
  • Fukuoka, Japan: The Company Canal City Hakata
  • Fukuoka, Japan: The Company Fukuoka Parco
  • Fukuoka, Japan: The Company Mina Tenjin
  • Fukuoka, Japan: The Company Daimyo
  • Fukuoka, Japan: The Company Nakasu Kawabata

2. Partner Spaces Co-Created and Operated by The Company: Tailoring Success Beyond Our Walls

Collaboration is in our DNA, and it extends beyond our own spaces. Enter the Spaces Co-Created and Operated by The Company, where we bring our expertise to other companies, entities, organizations, and even entire cities. Working hand-in-hand with partners like the Fukuoka Government, Toyota, Kyushu Railway Company, and Nishi-Nippon City Bank, we co-create and operate spaces that embody the unique character and aspirations of each entity, fostering a collaborative spirit that transcends traditional office boundaries.

These are the co-working spaces that The Company is operating:

  • Fukuoka, Japan: Fukuoka Growth Next
  • Fukuoka, Japan: GarrawayF
  • Fukuoka, Japan: The Company Mina Tenjin
  • Hanoi, Vietnam: Kyushu Promotion Center
  • Fukuoka, Japan: Q Co-working & Co-Learning Space

3. Established Co-Working Spaces Partnered with The Company: Connecting Communities

While not directly owned by The Company, our Established Co-Working Spaces Partnered with The Company are integral members of our global community. Through strategic partnerships, these separate entities seamlessly join forces with The Company, allowing their co-working communities to connect, collaborate, and thrive together. It’s a synergy that goes beyond ownership, creating an interconnected network that amplifies the potential of each space.

  • Hawaii, United States of America: Boxjelly Hawaii
  • Tokyo, Japan: WORKING PARK EN

The Power of Choice and Connectivity

Whether you’re working in a directly managed space, a co-created hub, or a partnered location, our co-working ecosystem offers you the power of choice and connectivity. The seamless integration of these structures allows members to explore various environments, tap into diverse communities, and experience the flexibility that defines The Company’s ethos.

The Multilocation Advantage: Your Global Workspace Passport

Why stick to one office view when you can have 14? Your membership at The Company isn’t confined to a single space – it’s your golden ticket to all 14 global locations. The flexibility is yours; choose to work beachside in Bali this month and skyscraper-side in Singapore the next. Your workspace, your rules – it’s the multilocation advantage.

Freely Establish Work Links: Networking, Elevated

Networking shouldn’t be a chore; it should be an adventure. At The Company, all members have the power to freely establish work links. Whether you’re a freelancer looking for your next project or an entrepreneur scouting collaborators, our interconnected community is the platform to expand your professional connections effortlessly.

Join The Company: Elevate Your Workspace, Elevate Your Success

In a nutshell, The Company isn’t just offering you a desk; it’s ushering you into a lifestyle that celebrates custom-designed spaces, flexible workstyles, and a global community rewriting the rules. Ready to redefine your workspace experience? Join The Company and unlock a world of possibilities. Your dream workspace is waiting – where custom, flexible, and multilocation unite to create the ultimate hub for your success. Let’s make work an adventure. Join us today! 🚀✨

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