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Flexi Pass: The Most Flexible Plan in The Best Coworking Space in Cebu

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Co-working spaces have long been considered as one of the most suitable spaces for startups, and small teams because it is a cost-effective workspace solution. Once new companies decide to launch their business idea, they would most likely need an office space where they can meet clients, formally work on their business idea, develop their systems and operations. However, getting a traditional office space will consume a lot of their capital. Think 5-year lease on a bare 50-square meter space, furniture shopping, processing office permits, finding and hiring an office admin, and the list goes on. But if one simply signs up for a membership in a coworking space, all these problems go away and the company can then truly focus on developing their client base and team.

The best part about co-working spaces is that it is not only a place for startups to jumpstart their business but it is for anyone who needs to get MORE things done.

Let us say that you are a freelance photographer and videographer. You do most of your work on the field, and wherever your client wishes. After a couple of days of shooting, you would then start editing the footage and shots you have taken in any workspace you prefer.

Sometimes, you find peace and productivity when you confine yourself in the four corners of your room. Only coming out to fix yourself a cup of coffee, eat, bathe, and do the number one or two until you have edited and perfected every angle, color, shot for every scene or photo.

Sometimes, your workspace is the coffee shop nearby that is known for making killer macchiatos and roasting the best coffee beans in the city. The pleasant smell of coffee and the melodious trill of people conversating wafts around the whole space including the little corner you have claimed yours for the day. Life is good until it gets crowded during peak hours and your productivity has gone through the window.

Other days, you feel more motivated and energized in the company of other people who are also busy working, and you actually need to get connected to (super) fast internet to upload the final cut and the photos. Your client cannot wait and has been following up 8 hours after the shoot. So you find yourself heading towards the nearest co-working space.

When you arrive, the receptionist will greet you with a lovely smile and ask if you will be needing a day pass or monthly pass. The problem with the day pass is that it is way above your budget and you can not also see yourself coming in to use up the monthly pass for consecutive days in a month. However, you will most likely need to use the space again in the upcoming months. In this case, the best plan for you is the Flexi Pass.

A Flexi Pass is one of the four hot desk plans that The Company, a coworking space in Cebu, offers to all clients who may not need to use the space for consecutive days in a month and find the 400-peso day pass way beyond their budget. Getting a Flexi Pass means that clients like you get to access the space for 8 days within 60 weekdays for 2,000 pesos only.

Flexi Pass holders get unlimited access to the phone booths, huddle spaces, standing desk area, and pantry. Free-flowing coffee, tea, and water are also made available and of course, unlimited connectivity to business-grade fiber internet. The Flexi Pass can also be used in all of The Company's coworking space in Cebu.

The Company has two co-working spaces in Cebu, one in Cebu IT Park and one near Oakridge Business Center. The Company also has multiple branches in Fukuoka, Hawaii, Singapore, and Bangkok.

The most important and underrated commodity that most freelancers have is flexibility. So it only makes sense for us to create a product that caters to the needs of most freelancers whether you're a photographer, web or mobile applications developer, real estate agent, interior designer, or even if you're someone who just needs to work in a space designed for productive work. However, for those who would like to get 24/7 access to any of our coworking space in Cebu, we would suggest getting a Dedicated Desk. Find out more about here.

So how does one get a Flexi Pass? Simply complete this form and wait for one of our awesome community crew to contact you. Want to get the best monthly deals and discounts?

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