Patrons of the Arts Makes a Splash in Cebu with a Digital Art Extravaganza!

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Calling all art enthusiasts in Cebu! Mark your calendars because Patrons of the Arts (PotA) is coming back next year, bigger and better! This past April 27th and 28th, SM Seaside City Cebu witnessed a vibrant explosion of creativity as PotA held its first-ever art fair in the Queen City of the South.

This two-day event proved to be a resounding success, not only for the organizers but also for the artists, sponsors, and most importantly, the art-loving public of Cebu. Here’s why:

A Feast for the Digital Eyes

PotA Cebu took a bold step by focusing primarily on digital art. This resonated deeply with the city’s tech-savvy crowd. Over 300 talented artists, mostly from Luzon, showcased a diverse array of digital creations. From eye-catching prints and quirky stickers to innovative handicrafts and unique accessories, everything was a testament to the boundless imagination of Filipino artists.


A Win-Win Situation for Everyone

The event wasn’t just about artistic expression; it was also a platform for boosting the local art scene. With a bustling atmosphere and enthusiastic visitors, sales soared for both artists and sponsors. The products on display were a delightful mix of cute, creative, and undeniably unique pieces, leaving attendees with a strong desire to own a piece of artistic brilliance.

Fun and Games for the Whole Family

Beyond the visual treats, PotA Cebu offered a plethora of interactive activities and engaging challenges. Sponsoring booths hosted various competitions, keeping everyone entertained and giving them a chance to win exciting prizes. This interactive element created a sense of community and encouraged participation from both exhibitors and visitors.

Building a Thriving Art Hub

The success of PotA Cebu goes beyond just numbers. The event aimed to create a supportive and encouraging space for local artists to thrive. One of its key priorities is to discourage plagiarized work and foster a sense of camaraderie within the artistic community.

While the event primarily featured artists from Luzon, it served as a springboard for Cebu’s own artistic talents. The organizers are committed to including more local artists in the upcoming edition, further enriching the artistic tapestry of Cebu.

A Promise for the Future

The overwhelming positive response to PotA Cebu solidified the organizers’ vision. Witnessing the city’s vibrant energy and artistic potential, they have decided to make this an annual event.

So, Cebu artists, get your creative juices flowing! PotA is returning next year, and this time, they’re looking for you!

Mark your calendars and get ready to be a part of this exciting journey as Cebu takes its rightful place in the national art scene! Check our calendar  at

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