The Company to collaborate with JR Kyushu and Co & Co to produce Q, a Co-working and Co-Learning Space in Fukuoka

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The Kyushu Railway Company or otherwise known as JR Kyushu, will open Q(pronounced as ‘queue’), a co-working and co-learning space in Hakata Station Building on June 30, 2021. Hakata Station is located in Fukuoka City, and is considered as an important transit nexus and the “gateway to Kyushu.” The newest location will prove to be the most convenient for a lot of people, most especially students and business persons since transit is readily available, and the building already has a shopping mall, and other spaces perfect for businesses to expand, and grow quickly.

JR Kyushu is collaborating with The Company and Co & Co to manage this new facility, provide a huge network for its members, and develop a community around the space.  Q has 32 private offices and booths for rent, 60+ co-working space desks, a library, meeting rooms, phone booths, and spacious activity areas perfect for learning sessions, and networking events.

These are the specific details of the new branch:

Facility name: Q (pronounced “queue”)
The “Q” stands for “cue”, a signal or trigger.
Q” represents “CUE,” a signal or trigger, and represents the image of a new story starting here.
Location: 1-1, Chuo-gai, Hakata Station, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City
B1F Amu Plaza Hakata, JR Hakata City
Business description: Shared office and working space business
Business entity: Kyushu Railway Company
Facility Area : 571.18 ㎡
Start of operations: June 30, 2021

For more details about Q, please refer to the information below:

Email Address:
Instagram Profile:
Facebook Page:

Members of The Company can work in multiple locations, and can place and receive projects through The Company App or The Company’s professional staff.

To celebrate the opening of our new branch, and this new venture with new partners, we will be giving 2 day passes for FREE for members who buy 2 Flexi Passes within the month of July 2021. To claim this limited offer, just simply message us on Facebook or approach the reception area of The Company Cebu. This celebratory promo can only be claimed on or before July 31, 2021.

The Company is a global workspace and community that allows people from different backgrounds to create new teams and jobs. Individuals working within one workspace can choose to work together and gradually become a professional team that is not bound by the frame of any company.

We aim to build a community, not just a shared office space wherein our members can easily connect with each other, create jobs, and forge good relationships with good people. It is a workspace for a new era where work styles change.



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