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The Company Daimyo by Zero-Ten Co., Ltd and Nishi-Nippon City Bank to Open on May 2022

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The Company is open to receive more startups, and freelancers in Daimyo starting May 10, 2022. The new co-working space locator is conveniently situated on the 5th and 6th floors of the Nishi-Nippon City Bank building in Daimyo. This new project is a collaboration between Zero-Ten Co., Ltd and the Nishi-Nippon City Bank.

As a result of the collaboration, the bank aims to strengthen its support for startups within the city through the presence of the NCB Startup Support Salon at The Company Daimyo. All members of the The Company Daimyo can avail of the services of the startup counselors free of charge.

The new facility includes meeting rooms, phone booths, co-working space, event area, and offices. Members of the new branch also enjoy multilocation  access for no added fee. To enjoy the multilocation access perk, members are to present their identification cards at the reception during regular office hours of any The Company branch.

To celebrate the new partnership with Nishi-Nippon City Bank, we will be giving 2 day passes for FREE for members who buy 2 Flexi Passes within the month of May 2022. To claim this limited offer, just simply message us on Facebook or approach the reception area of The Company Cebu. This celebratory promo can only be claimed on or before May 31, 2022.

The Company is a global workspace and community that allows people from different backgrounds to create new teams and jobs. Individuals working within one workspace can choose to work together and gradually become a professional team that is not bound by the frame of any company.

We aim to build a community, not just a shared office space wherein our members can easily connect with each other, create jobs, and forge good relationships with good people. It is a workspace for a new era where work styles change.

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