Remote Worker’s Toolbox: 10 Tools Every Remote Employee Needs

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Due to COVID-19, businesses have accelerated migration into remote work. As lockdown measures eased and the economy is starting to open up, some companies have seen the benefits of remote work and making a permanent change to move their operations online.

We shouldn’t wait for another crisis to happen to make the crucial changes to the business now. Pivot operations to have some full or partial remote work arrangements. Ensure you have all the tools you need. Take a look at the tools your company is using right now. Assess what you need, what you don’t need, and the other tools you need. 

Here are 10 tools every remote worker must have:

  1. Reliable Internet. Remote work hinges on reliable internet connection. Companies must ensure internet connection is fast and reliable across workers or else it could negatively affect the quality of work as a team. If work-from-home is not possible because of constraints, arrange a remote workspace setup, e.g. a co-working space.
  2. Coffee. Most of workforce is fueled by caffeine; a good cup of coffee (or tea) will instantly boost productivity and morale, so a coffeemaker (or French press) nearby is always handy in any remote workplace.
  3. Noise Cancelling Headphones. It’s hard to work when you are working around others—either with family, children or strangers. Noise cancelling headphones are an investment, it will improve the remote employee’s concentration and get productive with some chill lo-fi playlist. 
  4. Google Drive and G-suite. Have a secure place to store files and share documents in the cloud storage for everyone on the team to access securely. Office suites are web-based software to share files, edit documents and add comments in real-time. You can use Google’s G Suite or Microsoft Office Online. 
  5. Trello. A simple project management tool where you can create kanban boards with all the features you want in one place. Trello is focused on to-do tasks and workflow. Other alternatives for project management tools include Asana and Redbooth.
  6. Paypal. Paypal is an online payments platform where you can easily collect and receive payments electronically and in real time. You can also use Payoneer, or local solutions in the Philippines such as G-cash or Paymaya.
  7. VPN. Remote employees are recommended to use a VPN when working remotely. When getting internet access in public areas, a VPN is a way to secure your privacy and protect your digital network and communications.
  8. Hubspot. An all-in-one marketing software, Hubspot is primarily a CRM platform for inbound marketing, sales & customer service. This platform is integral to attracting visitors, converting leads and closing sales.
  9. Zoom. Video conferencing apps are key to team collaboration. Work with teammates virtually and have online meetings via video conferencing such as Zoom, or other apps such as GoToMeeting and Discord. 
  10. Slack. Slack is a chat messaging platform specifically built for business communication. It’s built with integrated tools for easy team collaboration: file sharing, project management, etc. Aside from Slack, one can also use Google Hangouts or Twist. 

These are our curated list of essential tools, both online and offline, to help you transition to remote work arrangements. Of course, tools may vary depending on your business, industry and operations. Do your research first and see which tools are most useful for you. Lastly, make sure to invest time to train your staff these new skills to make a smooth transition towards remote work. 


Rachel Arandilla is the blogger behind business blog Economerienda, a website dedicated on snackable content on business, law, and life. 


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