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Marketing Internship at The Company Cebu

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We are looking for passionate, articulate and creative marketing interns to join our community crew for at least 6 months at The Company Cebu.


You will be learning and collaborating with our community crew as we drive business growth through a variety of marketing efforts.

Note that we will need you to be tech-savvy, eager to learn and not be fearful of failing. We will do all the FUN marketing stuff with you. We will be crafting better digital ad campaigns and content, recording and analyzing relevant marketing metricsorganizing community events and doing a bit of Public Relations too.

Furthermore, we will write ad copies, take photos, plan workshops and art fairs and test different marketing methods on different platforms. Moreover, we will find ways to help our members reach their business goals and work with awesome and diverse communities.

Above all, we will be focusing on building meaningful relationships to elevate our social impact within the global economy while drinking tons of coffee(or water) while working in either of our beautiful co-working spaces.


In return, you will enjoy the following privileges as our Marketing Intern:

  • Free flowing coffee, tea and water
  • 24/7 access to any of our co-working spaces
  • All-access pass to all events that we’re involved in
  • Unlimited access to super fast internet
  • Fantastic and flexible work environment
  • Creative freedom -create content that you like and approve of
  • Tons of great work experience & valuable connections that will surely aid you in your career
  • Allowance 🙂


Why you should join us @ The Company?

We are a fast-growing startup company in Japan. We have been growing exponentially over the last 4 years and we have more big plans to come! We are happy to have 2 branches in Cebu and we are going to add more as we go along.

You will be at the center of our new organization if you join us now. You will be working in a stylish and ultra-modern co-working space and you will be a part of a rich, diverse community of purpose-driven people who believe a better world is possible.

Additionally, chances are high that the person sitting next to you is exactly who you need to meet. There is a good chance you will be able to work in Japan depending on your performance and enthusiasm.

Apply here:


More about The Company:

The Company is a co-working community that offers flexible, vibrant and ergonomic workspaces and office solutions for creators and creatives and their communities and companies all over the world.

We plug our members into a network of professionals, help increase their business opportunities, and expand their market. This fresh approach to work enables everyone to connect, create, and not merely survive but live and thrive!

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